Strategies To Improve Your Direct Mail Response Rates

Strategies To Improve Your Direct Mail Response Rates

Get a high direct mail response rate by following these strategies. Direct mail is one of the most effective and truthful marketing strategies for the past years. Direct mailing strategies have helped many businesses to grow in the market, but the rise of digital marketing advertising has made it more important than ever to be on top in the marketing game. If direct mailing is the most important part of your company’s advertising OR marketing strategies, then you have to make sure you are using the latest techniques to have the best return on investment (ROI).

In any case, your company’s direct mail campaigns have mixed results, or you have already seen a positive response, Still, there is always room for improvement in your strategies according to the market scenario. 

Here are some important tips and techniques on how you can make the best of your direct mail marketing campaign:

1. Keep Track of Each and Every  Step of Your Campaign

In email marketing, you can use some latest techniques that will help you to keep track of your mailing campaign. Trackable URLs, Coupon codes, QR codes, and trackable phone numbers and email addresses have made it easy for you to measure the results and analyze your direct mail campaign. The tools like trackable URL or phone number help you to view which section of mail generated the most clicks or calls. There are some advanced tools that even help You even by using a personalized URL that directs each customer to a unique landing page that greets every customer by name which helps in increasing customer loyalty and good response to your campaign.

There is a chance that you will have a very large amount of data but Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by that data, customer data is always an important asset for the business. That data you can use to decide which customers to target at what time in your next mailing campaign and which to remove from your data list. You can build your own mailing lists though.

2. Target Your Mailings to the Right customer.

If you’ve done your Market research right, you come to know which areas are most relevant and profitable for you in the market and you will be completely ready with good planning to start a direct mail campaign there. After this, all you need to do is reduce the breadth of your mailing campaign that fits into your budget.

Be sure to remove unnecessary email addresses from your list that don’t have customers you need to target – PO boxes, seasonal dwellings, businesses, used follow-up, and so on.

Similarly, you should not need to keep a mailing same customer who is already an active customer -the customer which is already actively engaged with your sales team, so you should make sure to remove active customers from mailings lists. This will also help you to clean up your mailing lists and spend more time and money on finding new valuable customers who have not committed to you before.

3. Segment Mailing List

It is completely false that millennials don’t respond or react to direct mail advertising campaigns. In fact, there are many email digital marketing services companies that call this a myth! Anyhow, it’s very much important to understand the various approaches that different age groups, gender, and demographics take to their mail.

For example, your service is about sales software which is mostly used by the offices and companies, so there is no much use to add the people of age group between 16-20 in your email list for targeting them; it’s just a waste of time and resources. Hence it is very more important to identify your target customer so you can directly reach them to whom you want to sell your product and services. 

Consider some of such factors while deciding how to target your mailers. Reaching your mail to your customer or to their current resident can ensure that your campaign is still relevant to whoever you want to target and their addresses are also the same. Likewise, include a URL, a QR code, or WhatsApp number that can be easy to access by a smartphone if you are targeting younger age audiences since they don’t like to call a phone number, youngsters are more comfortable in chatting so you should try some out of the box idea. The main thing is you have changed your strategies according to your target audience.

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